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A Curated Collection of Guides, Focused on Organized play

This collection of guides is sourced from various VOs in the community, because they need a good home. None of these guides are officially endorsed by Paizo or the OPF. The hope is that this can become a useful, open-source documentation hub can with many contributors.

How to Contribute

Do you see an annoying typo? I bet you do.

  1. Make a GitHub account.
  2. Click on the little pencil tool when you hover over a heading area
  3. Click Fork this Repository
  4. Edit the document
  5. Scroll down to Proposed Changes and add a title for your proposed change, and some text as to why
  6. Click Propose Changes
  7. Click Create Pull Request (this is just a fancy way of telling the authors to review your changes)
  8. I will review and approve or reject your change with a reason why
  9. The change will be merged into the master document and published
  10. Give yourself a Hero Point for helping the community

You can also post on the forums. I will open up a thread soon.

Making a basic edit to the documentation, through the web interface.

Already know git?

You can of course clone this repository, and run the site locally to make and test deep changes.

Want to Learn more?

This is a great opportunity to learn git, or the mkdocs documentation system.


Guides Wanted

  • Using Google slides (players & GMs)
  • Using FGU (players & GMs)
  • Warhorn for Con Organizers
  • Using RPG Chronicles
  • Play by Discord