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Payment Methods on the Paizo Site

Adding a Payment Method

Go to your account page.

Find the box that says Payment Methods. It's probably on the bottom right of the page.

Payment Methods

Find the Payment Methods area on your account page.

Click Manage Payment Methods. On the new page, click Add Payment Method. It is on the top right of the page.

Add a Payment Method

The Add a Payment method button is on the top right of the page… who knows why?

Add your payment method. Now it's stored.

Changing your Payment Method

First, add a new payment method as outlined above.

If you have active payment methods on thios page, you cannot change your payment method here even though it looks like you can. Ignore it.

You cannot change payment here

You cannot change your payment method on the payment method page

Instead, go back to your account page page.

Click on My Subscriptions.

Scroll down to Payment Method for Subscriptions.

Select a new payment method

Set your default subscription payment here, on the payment page.
  1. Click Select Another Payment Method.
  2. Select your card.
  3. Enter the Security Code.